Berrien RESA Catering Request Form


Catering Request Form

(Catering Menu)

Catering Request Form
Reference Number or PO number:  
Your Name:  
Phone Number:  
Event Date:  
Event Title:  
Event Time:  
Catering must be ready to serve by (time):
Additional Details:  
Catering Location (specifically where the food should be served):
Administrative Center
Conf. Room A
Conf. Room B
Conf. Room C
Conf. Room D
Conf. Room E
Conf. Room F
Distance Learning
Tech Center
Board Room
Upper Level Serving Area
Lower Level Serving Area
Multipurpose/Distance Learning
Conference Room
A Pod
B Pod
D Pod
Teacher Lounge
Non-RESA Site (Please Explain):
Additional Location Details (i.e. where should buffet be set up if in a conference room):
Breakfast Choices: See menu on the right
Breakfast Menu Options
#1-Bagels with Donuts and Muffins
#2-Eggs and Breakfast Meats
#3-Eggs and Breakfast Meats with Fruit
#4-Biscuits and Gravy
#6-Creme Brule French Toast with Scrambled Eggs an
Optional Breakfast Choices (please describe additions based on the menu's listed features):
Additional Comments:  
Lunch/Dinner Menu: See menu on the right
Lunch/Dinner Options:
#2-Croissant Sandwiches
#3-Soup and Sandwich
#4-Meat Loaf and Mashed Potatoes
#5-Fried Chicken
#6-Chicken Carbonara
#7-Chicken Imperial
#8-Pulled Pork
#9-Cobb Salad
#10-Chicken Fajitas
#11-Stuffed Green Peppers
#12-Chicken Tenders
#13-Taco Bar
#14-Panini Sandwich
#15-Boxed Lunch
#16-Baked Potato Bar
Optional Lunch/Dinner Choices (please describe additions based on the menu's listed features. If you wish to add a dessert, or substitute a side for a dessert, please indicate so here.):
Additional Comments:  

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