School Improvement

Goal 1 outline

a. Continue to develop supplementary materials for the Edmark Reading program.

b. Increase student abilities to be able to use the 64 Core Vocabulary Board.

c. Continue to develop supplementary materials for the Core Vocabulary program.

 d. Increase the use of various forms of communication that are easily carried throughout the building to increase communication opportunities.

e. Increase student word recognition of the Edmark vocabulary list.

Goal Two outline

A. A core team will participate in MiBLSi Refresher Training

 b. The Tiered Fidelity Checklist will be utilized to identify areas of need and be addressed during the school year.

c. Posters for staff will be developed and displayed supporting both PBIS and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention in every classroom.

d. Staff will be introduced to the term "Trauma-Informed School" through newsletters, bathroom bulletins, videos, and professional learning during the year.

Goal Three Outline

 a. Parent surveys will be distributed to identify areas of need and Parent Support Groups will be offered aligned to those needs.

b. Provide three Parent Support Group activities and track participation.

c. Parent Newsletter will focus on areas of need identified through the parent survey.

Goal 4 outline

<div 1"="" style="margin-left: 40px;">a. PLCs will operate in a structured fashion consistently throughout the year.

b. PLCs will identify and analyze data related to the focused academic area of their disability area.

Goal 5 outline

5A regarding Science Standards

5B regarding Social Studies Standards

C. Initiate the use of for writing goals and lesson plans.

Goal Six Outline

a. Visit other center-based programs to observe multiple classrooms of students with Severe Multiple Impairments (SXI).

b. MOVE training will be provided to all staff in SXI classrooms or working with a student who is SXI

c. MOVE profiles will be completed for every student applicable.

d. Physical therapy staff will maintain trainer certification to oversee and monitor the implementation of the MOVE program.

e. Identify and budget for the purchase of equipment needed to fully implement the MOVE program

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