Teacher Julie Boyle and Paraprofessionals Alisha Reed and Heike Sprung

A5 is a Moderate Cognitive Impaired classroom with students ages eight through eleven.

Pre-academic skills

  • Writing: name, alphabet, numbers, etc,
  • Math : counting, simple addition, simple subtraction, 1:1 correspondence, number recognition, etc.
  • Reading : Brigance survival signs/ symbols, color words, number words, letter recognition, basic reading, etc.
  • Touchmath
  • Edmark Reading

Social skills

  • Getting along with others
  • Problem solving skills
  • Managing aggression
  • How to ask for help

Self-help skills

  • Personal hygiene : brushing teeth, washing self, use of deodorant, toileting
  • Dressing : zipping, buttoning, tying, positioning clothing (front, back, inside out, etc,)

Additional Activities:

  • Swimming
  • Music
  • Gym
  • Computer lab
  • Library
  • Multisensory Room

A5 also participates in the PALS program. PALS gives our students academic and social interaction with non-disabled peers from Mars Elementary once a week for an hour.

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