Physical Therapy

Mark Cudanin, P.T.  and Jeremy Burton, P.T.A.

Our mission is to provide help to students in motor planning, initiating and sustaining functional movement, and maintaining proper posture, position and balance.  To encourage optimal health and greater independence.

Child walking down stairs


Teen using standing frame

Standing frame

Child in pool with teacher


Child in wheelchair


Child crawling Child using gait trainer Walking child Head Control


Gait Trainer


Head Control


For the child who needs much help: 

For the student who still works on mastering basic motor skills, belly lying on the floor or "tummy time" on a soft or padded surface may be challenging but is very important for the child.  Prompt the student to turn the head side to side; also help tuck the bent arms under the chest.  Help the child gently roll repeatedly from side to side (making sure the arm is tucked under the body) to encourage the student to try rolling without help.

While the child is lying flat on the back, try gently moving each leg back and forth - bending and straightening.  This may help prevent muscle tightness and joint stiffness and it might help encourage more independent movement.

After helping the child sit up on the floor or on a low bench, making sure the student is supported, gently move the child a little in each direction to challenge his/her balance.  The child might begin learning to sit up alone without falling over.

For the child who can move without as much help:

For the student who can move without much help, crawling, kneeling and getting up from the floor to standing during play are sometimes very challenging activities but well worth the many repetitions needed to see progress.  Place the child's favorite toy or object a few feet away to entice moving a little further each time.  Be close to catch in case the student loses balance.

For the child who can stand/walk without much help:

For the child who can stand and walk without much help, regular exercise is important.  Activities such as walking forward, backwards and side-stepping; walking up and down steps; squatting; standing on one foot; hopping; jumping; running; throwing, catching, and kicking a ball - all can keep a child fit, healthy, and balanced ready for new challenges to come.

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